Integrated Approach to data Server Privilege Management for operating system

In cases where there is no control of either admin or root passwords, too much privileges or super user status can cause various problems such as audit violation or damaging breaches. For various operating systems, the IT experts may not be able to control what the various users do especially after authentication into the servers. It is therefore hard to track every move that every user makes thereby causing security breaches in some case.

What is the solution to this problem?

Because of ever-growing cases of security breaches to online servers, operating systems such as Linux and Windows have had to sort outside solutions such as using PowerBroker. With this program, IT experts can monitor every move that various users make while online. In addition to that, these programs help different organizations to improve their server security, simplify privilege access and reducing the cost of attaining all these services all in one go.

What are the benefits of programs such as PowerBroker?

To administrators and other It experts, programs such as PowerBroker have brought with them nothing but privileges and benefits. Some of them include:

  1. 1. Controlling and auditing the user’s activities

With these programs, It experts and administrators can combine both privileged user auditing and password management for better user management. The programs have fine grained policy controls that limit how far a user can check out various passwords and invoke commands. This therefore limits the servers’ security exposure to users with ill intentions.

  1. 2. Helps protect all the assets that the administrator might have

With a program like PowerBroker, an admin can leverage vulnerability data from various assets such as the retina so that they have utmost security. This means that all the decisions made by the admin have the consideration of various assets in mind.

  1. 3. They help understand the behavior of users, passwords and various accounts

With these, an operating system, administrator or any IT expert can have a better understanding of the various passwords, users and the behavior of certain accounts. This way, the authorized personnel is able to uncover any emerging risks and therefore be in a position where he can seek relevant means of eliminating the threats.

Other benefits include making deployment options flexible and simplifying the whole process using only one platform. This makes it easier for cost controls, providing a good foundation of cubing the various risks available and maintaining a privileged access.


Server privilege management for operating system is very costly. It is also very difficult for It experts and administrators to monitor what every single user is doing thereby increasing the chances of server insecurity. However, with programs like PowerBroker, it is now easier to achieve that. Administrators have more powers through which they can detect threats and be able to eliminate them before they cause further damage.

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