8 Types of Data Protector Key Capabilities

HP Data Protector is a software that works automatically to backup and recovers your data. With the advances in technology, so has the need to come up with reliable and secure data backup systems. In this article, we will be looking at the key capabilities that this data protector boasts of. Read on to understand why you should consider integrating this system in your business or firm.

  1. 1. Comprehensive Enterprise Data Protection

This is one of the main data protector key capabilities. This one works by simplifying and also standardizing the security features of the data in heterogeneous environments, media and also in applications. Another feature of this data protector capability is the extensive support matrix which works by simplifying the integration with any third party system and solutions and also works by eliminating or getting rid of any requirement for the multiple point products.

  1. 2. Built-in Disaster Recovery

The second data key capability is the built-in disaster recovery. This simply works by automating or making the data recovery system automatic. It has a bare metal recovery which is centralized and runs from physical to physical or physical to virtual, or virtual to physical or finally from virtual to physical. It runs all these from any backup that is usually set at no extra charges.

  1. 3. Application Recovery

Application recovery works by allowing granular recovery with the native integration. This system contains the core or the basic enterprise apps and works to ensure the extension of backup, automated on-time recovery and also allows the application owners or the people who run the applications to control, drive and also be able to give services to their own backup setups and recovery needs.

  1. 4. Snapshot Protection

This system has an array integration through which its snapshot is based. This allows you to easily and efficiently be able to recover your damaged or lost data. It has been able to get over the challenge of the production environment that has been a problem for the traditional backup systems or technologies.

  1. 5. Advanced Virtual Server Protection

This feature allows you to protect or keep your data safe in a virtualized environment. It has been incorporated with great hypervisor integration, process automation and also tiered recovery. It also has analytics and also visualization capabilities that works by providing a virtual environment.

  1. 6. Storage Optimization

This feature works by rapidly minimizing the size of the required resources for data storage. It also works by reducing the overall cost as it has a federated deduplication and also a deduplication engine which runs across its portfolio, usually on the source of the application, backup server or even the targeted system that has a StoreOnce Catalyst.

  1. 7. Advanced Security

This feature works by creating a secured and a backup environment that can be depended on. It has a low overhead which has simplified communication, usually between the data protector features or components.

  1. 8. REST APIs

REST APIs works by integrating the HPE Data Protector with the other existing or working client solutions that includes the web portals, the deployment tools and also the applications.

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